Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cards taking offers to trade Matt Leinart?

All I can say about this is...... Who the hell wants Matt Leinart that badly? Anyone who watched the Trojans during the Reggie Bush era would know just what kind of QB Leinart is. His job was standing behind his brick wall of an offensive line and taking his sweet time playing catch with his receivers. Compare this to his NFL play WITHOUT an O-line and watch as this little boy scampers out of the pocket as defenders chase him like a fat kid chasing a rolling donut. Not only can he not throw under pressure, he can't even get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald who owns one of the best pairs of hands, as well as size, in the NFL. 

What I don't get is that teams WANT this guy. Teams currently interested in Leinart include the Buffalo Bills (they are in desperate need for a QB but LEINART? No thank you), The New York Giants (Eli owns the job there Leinart would do what he does best, warm the bench), and the Oakland Raiders (lets face it, this team is pretty hopeless with or without a decent QB). 

Leinart will probably wind up in New York as a back-up which, lets face it, is the only job hes suited for in the NFL besides maybe being the team towel boy. 



    Is this the football?

  2. poor matt :D
    i find your blog cool ;)

  3. Squirtle would use Hydro Pump to throw the ball and that is illegal.

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  5. Traded to Oakland, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

  6. I like your Blog title :)

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