Monday, August 30, 2010

Top Fantasy Football Sleeper

So here I go again with some fantasy football banter. I've been called crazy on several occasions due to the amount of stats/players/facts I know about football. It kind of scares me too!

So I will name drop a player who I think will have an incredible year at an incredible value in fantasy drafts.
1. Arian Foster:  This guy has a perfect combo of speed and power. He also has the perfect situation in Houston. After Kubiak realzied how terrible Steve Slaton really is, he appears to have given Foster the starting job. If anyone watched the Texans last preseason game (which I doubt, I mean its PRE-season) you would've seen how much of a stud he is. 22 touches for 126 yards and a touchdown. Thats a very impressive 6.1 ypc. This guy is getting drafted in the 6th and 7th rounds in drafts. Moral of the story..... DRAFT THIS MAN!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love seeing the Red Sox lose!!

I am an AVID Yankees fan and even though the Rays once again tied the Yanks in the division I can't help but smirk at any misfortunes of the red sox.


So I decided to make a blog. BIG DEAL, WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT? I wasn't entirely sure what to blog about so I chose sports.

I will begin with Football. AMERICAN Football. This post will focus on fantasy football. Next week I will participate in my only fantasy draft of the year. This league is mostly a friend league but has solid competition. I am coming back as the league champion and have been talking plenty of trash.

I consider myself pretty decent at fantasy sports so I will divulge some drafting tips
1. This is VERY important: Make sure to draft an elite # Wide Receiver within the 1st three rounds.
  The reason for this is that the drop off from your Andre Johnsons to your Dwayne Bowes is massive.
2. Wait till the LAST TWO ROUNDS to draft a defense and kicker (respectfully). Drafting any of these two positions early is GREATLY discouraged due to the fact that these two positions are incredibly deep as well as unpredictable. Look at last years drafts. The New York Giants defense was drafted 1st in most leagues and finished near last in fantasy points. You never know what can happen so just pick defenses with good match-ups.
3. Now this tip will get mixed reviews: Wait to draft a Quarterback! This year is surprisingly deep in the QB category. You can wait till around the 7th round to get a solid QB. QBs I like that are going late are Kevin Kolb, Joe Flacco, Donovan Mcnabb, Brett Farve, and Carson Palmer. Each of these QBs had solid fantasy years last season and stand to have even better seasons.

So there are my drafting tips! Do with them what you will!